In order to divert some leaking water from the device over the top deck protection with Weather Watch or maybe Storm Guard at plumbing vents or maybe soil stacks. First set up the Ice and water shield level in an under and over placement as the residential steep slope roofing is a bath shedding product not really a bath proofing product, Shingle Mate or maybe Deck Armor roof deck protection to within 6″ of the top vent pipe. The Weather Watch or perhaps Storm Guard has to completely adhere to the top plywood, OSB, or even planking and must be fully adhered to the succeeded courses of shingles to effectively expel warm water on the top below.

Take the image you find out on the web using a grain of salt as they’re not accurate to world practices that are really of how a shingle must be fitted with ice and water shield. With ordinary strip shingles, you have to use a diapered shingle to stop water from entering the water groove or maybe a liquid eye.

Cut a 20″ minimum square piece of Weather Watch or perhaps Storm Guard leak protection underlayment then put this portion over the middle of the pipe top. Cut an X from a single advantage of the pipe on the various other, cutting this particular X slightly smaller compared to the pipe width is going to allow a complete seal around the whole roof vent pipe.

Remove the split back film and also smaller the Leak Barrier around the pipe, make sure to press the membrane firmly to seal it with the deck, to the top deck protection, and also up the top vent pipes sides.

For Advanced Installation Method: In order to divert some water away over the roof shingles for laminated shingles just this particular strategy can’t be utilized with three tab shingles, install Shingle Mate or maybe Deck Armor roof deck defense around the pipe .

Cut Weather Watch or maybe Storm Guard leak barrier 20″ minimum wide to encircle pipes, shingle approximately the vent pipe, cutting the roof of the shingle around the pipe, firmly press Leak Barrier over the top one half of the shingle before the vent pipe then seal Leak Barrier to Shingle Mate or even Deck Armor roof deck protection and also decking above the vent pipe, finally cover roof deck protection and also leak barrier with shingle set in plastic-made cement.

It’s really important to use a climate Stopper Golden Pledge when using a Weather Watch or maybe a Storm Guard Leak Barrier ( Easymerchant has this in stock ) around your residences plumbing vents. This’s needed on most Weather Stopper Golden Pledge installations as well as when installing or even utilized on Weather Stopper System Plus Installations.