Boxer Rescue is a group of animal lovers who aim to give a second-chance to deprived boxer dogs. Our primary goal is to find a new home for neglected boxers for reasons like owner’s incapacity to care for the dog or lost dog rescued by the pound.

Despite the fact that we aim to rehouse boxers, we are incapable of accepting boxers that you merely want to let go. We suggest that you bring your pooch to a caring friend or relative to provide it a loving home.

On the other hand, if you desire to adopt a grown-up boxer, please contact us so that we can include your name on our list of prospective new home for our rescued boxer. We are always pleased when we see a lot of volunteers who want to care for the dogs. It makes our job easier and the rescue pooches happy.

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We noted from experience that most people are looking for boxer puppies. Unfortunately, it is scarce that we get pups on our rescue mission. For this, you may consider purchasing the puppy from a local dog breeder.

Otherwise, we recommend visiting your city pound. There are a handful of dogs there waiting to be taken home. Just manage your expectation because more often than not, your request for specific sex or color of the dog will not be available.